About Arany Gundogs

This website is dedicated to Ch Inchmarlo Kitiara

Our German Shorthaired Pointers

Ch Jennaline Eye of the Storm
Ch Inchmarlo Kitiara
Sh Ch Waldburg Dino
Sh Ch Jagerheim Anatol


Our Hungarian Vizslas

Ch Nicael Rully
Ch Nicael Russe of Alsziv
Sh Ch Nicael Polestar of Streamhawk
Sh Ch Russetmantle October
Sh Ch Russetmantle Ember

Backgound to Arany Gundogs

The ARANY kennel has been associated with HPR’s for 25 years.

A visit to the Prufungs in Germany in the ‘ 80’s made a lasting impression of a breed not seen in the UK, these were 2 brown Langhaars owned by the translator. Knowing Ch Inchmarlo Kitiara could never be replaced we decided to look for another breed which would give us both looks and working ability..

In 1999 a German field trialler had made up the best graded Prufung HV that year. This Russetmantle bitch was bred in the UK and Larry had helped in the choice. Through him introductions were made to 2 senior members of the Deutsch Langhaar Klub who also served as breedmasters.Through recommendation by a German national who knew the reputation and working experience of our kennel and also our personal guarantee to the Klub of our commitment to work the breed we were allowed to import Konan, Pia and Bella. Our success and commitment have enabled us to import through the pet passport scheme Enno and Cliff who will increase our gene pool.

In January 2003 Enno’s breeder , Baron Beverforde and his wife came over to England to shoot over our German bred dogs.This was a great honour as the Beverforde family have been involved with the breed since the 1880’s.They were pleased to see how well the dogs performed and as a result we have been asked if we would like to become members of the Deutsch Langhaar Klub ( Nordwest ) They are putting forward a proposal to the main committee for our progeny to be graded in the UK by a German judge .